Sonnet #2: Muse In Bondage

A sonnet dedicated to my muse... What does one do when all hope's lost down over, When thought fleets on to one's beloved- freezing Time's flow o'er it's passage, going slower, As his aching heart aches harder- tracing The distraught lines of her face in his mind, Hoping beyond hope to catch her wonder. E'er... Continue Reading →


The Keys to Liberty and Passion

My dearest readers, here we stand again, on the brink of the horizon of change. And despite the change of the year merely being an illusion wrought by following a universal calendar. None of us can deny that it's the beacon of hope we've been running towards since the beginning of the year, before which... Continue Reading →

The Complement

A very warm greeting to all my readers on this fine eve. I keep taking long leaves of absence from your side and while I hope to avoid it, life just keeps getting in the way. I will try to avoid it in the future as much as I am able to. And on this... Continue Reading →

A State of Constant Flux

Hey guys, I'm back. I know some of you might be really disappointed to see that. Some of you might even be thinking how to make a meme out of this. Maybe one or two good souls out there might have missed me, but that might as well just be a pipe-dream we writers kid... Continue Reading →

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