Short Story #3: Epistles to a Diary

(Trigger Warning: Suicide. Suicidal Thoughts) (Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on true stories.) Dear Diary, I sit dreaming. Dreams of fantastical realities where I am not treated like dirt. The days were cold and I was alone in my house. My friends had chosen to travel to their hometowns to be with... Continue Reading →

Short Story #2: Julianne

(Trigger Warning: This short story contains instances of rape and physical abuse.) (Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on multiple true incidences.) He’s pious they said, “Almost Holy”, “A True Christian”. I believed their empty lies as I extended my hand to bear the ring on my finger as he bore mine. We... Continue Reading →

Sonnet #7: To An Elusive Muse

My warmest greetings to my dearest readers. In my indolence, I avoided publishing all my poetry; my indolence and the fact that I felt daunted by the possibility that my poetry wasn't beautiful when mused upon. I feel that two things in this world are terrible in the heart of a writer; firstly, it is... Continue Reading →

Velut Luna (Like The Moon)

I bid my warm greetings to all my readers upon my return from another long hiatus. It was another brutal bout with life and I think I came out on top this time. And that is precisely why I thought it'd be better to talk about these spectacular bouts we have with life every day.... Continue Reading →

Villanelle: Like A Tree In Fall

Fond greetings my dearest readers. For a fair amount of time have embarked on a grand venture to do my best in reviving the poetry forms of the bygone age. And it has been rather a hard task to accomplish; as it has presented a lot of hardships to me despite being a golden age... Continue Reading →

Sonnet #6: Kaveri

Good day to you, my dearest readers. On this day, I'm going to recount the story of the rebellion in the streets of Tamil Nadu over a river. We've all heard or seen one or more feuds over natural resources, wars have been waged to assert control over nature. When in reality, the principle is... Continue Reading →

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